Northern California Meat Goat Association Board of Directors and Chairpersons are always happy to hear from our members or potential members!  Please feel free to contact any of the following:


Executive Committee

President:  Trena Bradley:  530-330-1075 [email protected] (Meridian)

Vice President: Jan Quisenberry;  530  755-4923 [email protected] (Yuba City)

Secretary: Carl McCosker:  530-205-7922 [email protected] (Grass Valley)

Treasurer:  Teddy Drinnin 530-510-3206 (Palo Cedro)

Board of Directors:

Jake Bradley 530-330-1075 [email protected]  (Meridian)

Judy Hoffman: 530-365-0400 [email protected] (Anderson)

Toni Gomes: 530-559-6464 [email protected]

Susan Young: 530-695-8459 [email protected] 

Committees Chairpersons


Susan Young:  530-682-5462 [email protected] (Live Oak)

Education and Events

Carl McCosker:  530-205-7922 [email protected] (Grass Valley)

Membership & PayPal:

Judy Hoffman: 530-365-0400 [email protected] (Anderson)


Trena Bradley:  530-330-1075 [email protected] (Meridian) 

Supplies and Promotional Materials:

Toni Gomes:  530-559-6464  [email protected]   (Pen Valley)

Fund Raising:

Trena Bradley and Jake Bradley:   [email protected]   (Meridian) 

Website & Yahoo Account:

Susan Shaul:  530-755-0861   [email protected]   (Sutter)

If you use the message box below, it will go to our general email account.  If you wish to correspond with one of the officers or committee members directly, please copy their email address or click on their email link to communicate with them.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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